Monday, August 3, 2009

When I was 85 years old preparing to run in a 5k running race sponsored by an education-in India group at Yale I was introduced to a distinguished, well dressed visitor from India. In the introduction my age was mentioned. "Sir, at your advanced age you must have acquired a great deal of wisdom. Tell me the most important wisdom you have acquired is that I can take back to my country." With no place to hide to take time to think that over I said what first came to mind.
"Don't let corporations get too large." In retrospect that was a prophetic suggestion but only repeating Abraham Lincoln when he said that with the advent of the corporation would be the end of the Republic. On the other hand if asked that question again I would have answered, "Education." How would you have responded is an unfair question since I have an advantage of heaving lived for having lived for over 90 years and with more years I must have acquired more wisdom than younger people. Or is that valid reasoning?

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