Sunday, August 23, 2009

Have you heard that a pig is a dirty creature who requires a sallow to lounge in the mud to be really at home? Let me tell you it ain't necessarily so. It started years ago when daughter had a collection o pigs in art. statues and piggy banks collected for years. An easy solution of a gift for Carolyn was a pig doll or ceramic replicsa. My bride, Dorothy suggested this year for a Christmas present we buy her the real thein for a pet. Dorothy had found an article of smallish pigs for sale by the University of New Hampshire for $100. I readily agreed and Dorothy made the arrangements for us to drive to Durham, New Hampshire to buy one and bring it home a week before Christmas.
We were greeted royally by the management of the piggery and handed plastic clothes to put on to protect the animals from our possibly contaminated selves. Even plastic boot over our shoes. Of course the interior of the huge colony of all aged animals was a sight in itself and the cleanliness was impressive. There had been a large litter and Dorothy p

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