Monday, August 10, 2009

Bozo legislator

Many Bozo legislators use the expression, "the American people want," Now that identifies someone who has absolutely no right to use that term unless he can explain how he gleaned that knowledge. Strange but I have never heard a female legislator use it. In effect the Bozo legislator is telling his constituents and anyone simple enough to believe him he is a soothsayer. A know-it-all of superior intellect for you and I to trust and to agree with him. For shame. What he is really thinking is, "I want the American people to believe to want" so and so and of course that might be in conflict with the opinion of the listeners. We know most of our legislators are bought and paid for and until you and I are the only ones who buy a legislator with our votes and pay his salary and health insurance can we expect him or her to do our bidding and no other, not even a corporation with it's bottom line.

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