Monday, August 3, 2009

Come Run With Me

Always having done heavy farm work behind the scenes I thought I was in reasonably good physical condition when one day I jogged to our mail box a tenth of a mile or so and had to grasp the mail box or collapse. Walking slowly home I pondered over the state of my condition. Was my heart giving out? I would find out. I contacted my son ho at the time was a track coach at Ellsworth High School in the state of Maine for a program of getting in good enough shape to be able to run a little. I had passed my 80th birthday and wondered how much longer I had to live.
Son, Chuck gave me a program of walking for an hour three times a week. Even though that hour three tomes a week was inconvenient I did it until it became a habit and then Chuck told me to break into a trot for as many paces as it was comfortable now and then and when I could jog as much as walk to contact him. I shall elaborate on that period as blogs go on but that resulted in my present most interesting hobby aand resulted in my writing another book, "Come Run With Me" as a book from an older runner to older non-runners.

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