Monday, August 3, 2009

It was this very day that a bomb was detonated by my lovely daughter, Lee who told me of the possibilities of a blog of my own. I have so many ideas to share and by sharing find truth to emerge that this venue is like a bursting bomb.
First and of current great importance is the present contest between corporations and we the people. That is the most important part of the health-care debates going on in our congress.
Actually there is a a question of whose country it actually is. Where do the health corporations get the multi million dollars to pay to influence our legislators to try to defeat any plan of President Obama's? I happen to be covered by a VA plan similar to the one our legislators have and I am willing to pay for another plan if it will help pay for the uninsured and I would bet that there are many who would do the same. I had a plan with Blue Cross to help pay what Medicare did not pay for my late wife.
This blogging sounds so great to me that I don't know where to begin broadcasting ideas like the cause of autism and of hip dysplasia in dogs. Of harvesting air currents to pump up tanks to store energy and to use river currents for enough electricity to charge batteries of a new generation of electric cars. Another idea is an educational attraction for my new town that would attract thousands of visitors . Fortunately as a retired healthy athlete I can and will spend time elaborating on ideas until I find what my end of life will be like. And that's enough for this period.

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