Monday, August 10, 2009

Water power

As I stand beside the beautiful West River here in Brattleboro, Vermont and watch the volume of water passing by constantly I wonder if that current alone can't be somehow utilized to produce storable power. I am not thinking about dams that defy wildlife and change the geography of the area. Neither am I thinking about producing many kw of energy but isn't its possible and practical to utilize that constant current to turn some kind of wheel to produce electricity even if only enough to "trickle charge" batteries? It seems logical to me. Perhaps a series of wheels in a trough through which passing current can release such energy would be effective. If so with the vision of battery powered autos, such power could replace fossil fuels. I can envision battery stations replacing stations to service vehicles with low powered batteries. Who can tell me the answer to that question and if there is such a possibility who can develop the idea for the future?

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  1. I am not absolutely sure, but you may be talking about a water turbine? I designed a few different types in my mechanical drafting days. I have included a link to what I think you are talking about.