Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Come Run With Me

I have written a book addressed to non-runners of over 65 years of age. The reason for it is that I have enjoyed the sport for the past 10 years. In the book I mention laps for chapters. I will write a blog of one lap about making a case that runners live longer than non-runners. First it is an accepted fact that running results in stronger bones. I have questioned dozens of runners with the question, "Have you ever fallen down while racing or training?" That's a good question for starting a conversation. Almost every one asked that question tells about some situation resulting in a fall. Then I ask if they were seriously injured. Invariably the answer has been, a no. One such conversation resulted in a runner who cracked a bone in his wrist-only one. Personally I have fallen about 12 times with more injury to my pride than anything. A figure of 575,000 cases of elderly falling around their homes that required hospitalization in one year in our country has been reported. If we runners do not require hospitalization from falling accidents then we are not exposed to hospital related infection. Both the yearly number of hospital contracted infections is obscene as are the numbers of deaths from such infection. Therefore just by keeping out of hospitals may add 2 or 3 years more life than for non runners.Those are averages and the good health that comes with exercise as intense as running in itself adds to potential longevity. So, come run with me.

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