Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nutrition, ads, educations

Are you as confused about nutrition and vitamins as the ads would like you to be? Do you really need a multi vitamin daily? I don't, I think. At least I never have taken vitamins except when I was so sick I couldn't keep them down. More about that later. I know we have a problem with the understanding that we humans are provided by advertising rather than by research scientists. Since there are few institutions that give masters degrees in nutrition or pH. ds, where does all the reported info come from? Mostly from advertising agencies I think. The veterinary schools do teach vitamins because we vets must care for and advise owners of all animals we minister to. It is considered that nutrition is a vital part of vet education. Somehow the human medical profession does not take that approach. There must be many conditions caused by faulty nutrition treated with antibiotics or other medication rather than by needed nutrition.
Most kind of the problem with sailors taking long trips as with the British sailing ships of a bygone day when after a month of a years voyage some sould show signs of vitmine C defeciency some of whom would die from that problem. I fear I am being repititious. Sorry.

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