Tuesday, August 11, 2009

drugs blame, solution

Why is there such a drug problem at our boarder with Mexico? Do you think it takes a Sherlock Holmes for the answer. There is absolutely no question about it but when will you and I do something about it? It was estimated that about ten percent of attempted smuggled drugs are intercepted at our boarders. Lo what? So we, you and I are corrupting the government of Mexico.
With Columbia in south America there is a civil war between the drug pushers and the government. It was reported that half their Supreme Court has been assassinated over drug policy. Well, how about Afghanistan? Can you believe drugs have anything to do with the war there? You can bet your boots it does. That's where much of the income to pay for guns to kill our military comes from.
Comes the suggestion of legalizing drugs. First we have to admit we are a country of drug users like never before in history. If the thousands of pounds of drugs we see confiscated represent only 10 percent think of the amounts our neighbors consume. I mean the 90 percent that gets in free and clear has to be used. The amounts of money used for bribes reported by the press are obscene. How many auto accidents are caused by illegal drugs that cannot be tested for in most police stations? Then there is the problem of drug pushers working quietly trying to get people hooked and if successful their incomes improve. And another problem about those hooked who cannot ask for help for fear of being fired if discovered or shammed.
If we admit the above statements there is only one solution and that is legalization with a doctor's prescription. In other words take the profit out of the drug trade. Alcohol is a drug and we solved the criminal side of that problem by legalization.

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