Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dishonessty in high places

If you think about it doesn't it seem strange with the magnitude of corruption necessary to create the downfall in our economic system with no one found responsible is a disgrace and an admission that there are not even enough honest money managers to point fingers at individuals who were known to be corrupt. For example there must have people who could be named who encouraged banks to make as many loans as possible with no indication of the borrowers ability to pay them back. Someone said to loan officers to make loans that would be purchased immediately and bundled up to sell as sound agreements. Who asked the loan officers to stoop so low and which banks had such loan officers and name them so that they can be jailed as other dishonest criminals.
So far I have asked four bankers if their banks made any more bad loans than in good times. each said Not their bank. OK but there had to be not a few but huge numbers of banks. Why has that information been withheld from the public?
Years ago there was a chairman of a congressional committee who looked into firms who had skinned our government and he saved our Treasury countless millions of dollars. Because of his honesty and effectiveness he was chosen by FDR to be his running mate. His name was Harry Truman. Where is there a Harry Truman now that we need one? If I had the authority I would ask a woman like Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Conn. Let her select a committee and we would see action in identifying the scoundrels and crooks. So far there isn't a man up to it either Democrat or republican. For shame.

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