Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A theory of Autism and Hip Dysplasia

Is it possible that a retired veterinarian has found the cause of two horrible maladies, one with humans and the other with canines? Let me offer my thinking. At the onset it is a well accepted fact that developing embryos in mammals can be affected by dietary insult. In the pregnant bovine one particular weed can result in deformed calves born dead or so malformed that they die. So has it been identified by pregnant woman who, if ingesting a medical substance such as Thalidomide during pregnancy have similar results.
Now consider another subject that may be directly related. It was about 1950 that a new disease was described in dogs causing hip or shoulder problems so severe that as puppies matured they had to be destroyed. Hip Dysplasia was called a genetic problem in German Shepards. Soon all breeds were affected and I have not heard any one challenge that statement until here and now.
Concerning autism in humans, it was about 1950 that that malady was first described in numbers although a somewhat similar case was described about 1900.
It was about 1950 that more and more preservatives became widespread. If there is a dietary explanation, some significant addition to the diets of canines and humans must have taken place.
Food of humans are similar if in different form.
Something that may seem Innocent but may actually be deadly. Citric acid comes to mind or some other additive not researched properly.
As a side light, from my early observation of hundreds of dogs produced for genetic as well as nutrition, research there were never any young dogs that became cripples or even had weakness in their rear legs. We raised large number of Bloodhounds used in police work and many other smaller breeds such as beagles, cockers and crosses of many never to see the dreaded hip dysplasia. So that problem arose after about 1950 when I had been in practice for 5 years. At present breeding programs are helpful in, as I suspect, breeding only those who have resistance to the causative agent. Although these two problems sound so unrelated they are so serious, all stones should be overturned to find answers even if the search is unsuccessful.

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