Saturday, August 15, 2009

Common sense

Are you a flag-weaving patriot? A my country-do-or-die patriot? As the Bill of Rights of the Constitution says, if a people don't like it we the people should change it. So when, at so many recent Town Meetings we are exposed the screaming individuals opposing a point of view with the get-the -government-off-our-backs ideology, I would like to sit down and ask those people, "What about our Government don't you like? The National Parks? Our super highways? Speed limits? Our police? Our Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, your doctor, lawyers or courts or public libraries or is it our Social Security or Medicare systems?"
And where did that Get the Government Off Our Backs come from? I recall when a past president told the country that from his pulpit in Washington. It was President Ronald Ragen and at that time I asked myself, who is he talking about? I am part of the Government with more freedom and reason to be thankful than any peoples on earth. Why oh why don't our representatives straighten those screaming meemies out when such out-of-control people scream about having no Government plan for a health program?
Let's agree to one obvious thing and that is that only the Government is capable of straightening out our health problem as other country's have. The screamers have every reason to scream about evil corporations. That's where the center of the infection lies.

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