Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peoplism vs Corporatism

The evidence is overwhelming that corporations are controlling our Congress. Agree? The most recent evidence is the outpouring of the millions of dollars to oppose the health plan that could give the insurance corporations competition of a single payer plan of health coverage. The corporationism people are coming from one basic position, that of making money at the expense of the people. That is the end purpose of most corporations. Why worry? Let's open our eyes and react to what we see. Suppose I agree with the people over the corporations, what should the people do to counter all that money- influence? And where do they get such extra bribe cash?
The only way to break the death grip of corporatism is to enact a plan that is for the people first rather than money. The present contest between the people and the corporations stranglehold is to put people pressure on the members of Congress. I propose a new word more powerful than corporationism and that is, PEOPLEISM.
It was Peopleism that put a man on the moon. It was Peopleism that founded our country, gave us laws to abide by and the military to protect us. It was Peopleism that gave us Public libraries, Police departments, Fire departments, the FBI and CIA and Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and should give us medical care for all. It's a fight between Peoplism and corporatism. Which side are you on?
If we the People loose this act in the drama of life it may be as Abraham Lincoln said, With the advent of the corporation will be the end of the Republic. There is one light at the end of the tunnel and that is if this congress fails Peopleism this time we the people will throw the corporation-loving-legislators out of office in faver of Peopleism candidates.

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