Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Running bare footed

Strange things may happen around running tracks as when the female cheer leaders are sitting on all the lanes I want to run on and when 100 or so suited football players gather on the track for a yearbook picture. So I was not surprised to find a white van parked at the track with the wording painted on it in large letters,RUN TILLMAN RUN. There was a bearded young runner running at a slow pace with some sort of helper sitting while photographing the runner. My first thought was, RUN FOREST RUN. Tillman plans to run from New York City to Los Angelis starting in September to earn 2 million dollars for charity. As he was running bare footed before me I asked about that and was assured he would be ruining shoeless all the way. In this training session he planned 20 miles. So, it may be you have now heard it first right here from Brattleboro, Vermont and so have bragging rights. Of course, being a strange personage, I tried it for two laps and strangely it felt good. But it does have a down side as I am known by my different colored socks and so informed the cross country runner. He solved that problem. Dye your feet with a vegetable dye before every race. I have another idea. If after doing it for a while and want to try it in a race I will cut the soles off of an old pair of running shoes and bottoms off my multicolored socks and run bare soles without the raising of the eyebrows that all bare footed running might cause. Another downside is that in some races when runners spit during a race, without shoes would make me have to watch my step or slip on the stuff and I have a problem enough telling my 90 year old frame what to do without one more obstacle. Any suggestions?

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