Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get theGovernment off our backs

Years ago when the battle call of many influential people shouted at every chance they had, "Get the government off our backs," I wondered what they had against the government. Apparently those people were so against the government I have tried to dig in to find out why. Are those against the government really against the likes of me? After all most of us are for the government when it comes to parades. When we mail letter or call 911 or when we obey traffic signals. Who are those anti people for if they are against the Government? Are they against those who put a man on the moon? Perhaps they are against our military or our courts of law. Perhaps it is the fire departments or our police they would do without. Here and now is a good example and a clue as to who they are really in favor of. It concerns the great debate of the moment about a government health care plan. All authorities I have heard admit that our present health care plan is broken. So be it. Then we and that means you and I have to do something about it. But it comes down to who if not our government? It's pretty obvious that there are two possible answers. Corporations or Government. Take your pick. If you are one of those keep-the-Government-off-our-backs people you have your answer. If you do not like what the corporations have done to our economic situation and if you have seen more corruption in corporations than could happen in our government actions you have your answer. Some would like the majority to be blind to the obvious situation in our great country even if it requires a complete destruction of the very organization that made corporations possible, our Government. As one wise American once said, "With the advent of the corporation will be the end of the republic." It was Abrahan Lincoln and he was good enough for me. "Wake up America" is my battle cry and not, get the Government off our backs. How about you?

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  1. Kind of concerned with your blogs - they are slowing down - are you running out of thoughts/ideas? I expect a couple, at least, every day!! Get going man!