Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Everyone should keep a list of coincidences. I have a few in my memory. The thought came to mind when I received a post card today from a Dr. George Miller with his local phone number and a local address. George Miller and I had developed a relationship years ago when he would walk his new Golden Retriever puppy near the Yale outdoor track where I worked out while living in Orange, CT. His address here in VT is in the town of Dummerston, and that is contiguous to Brattleboro where I dwell. A mutual friend passed him in New Haven in her car and stopped for a chat. I was mentioned. The car driver gave the doctor my address and left shortly thereafter for his place in VT from which he sent me his phone number and we will meet at 11 AM at his place for a walk or chat. Although that coincidence is interesting another comes to mind. My wife had a reputation of keeping up with her favorite breed of dog, Gordon Setters. When some one sought a litter of those dogs to perhaps purchase one she usually knew of all the breeding in New England. A phone call came from a contact in Boston for a puppy. Dorothy said the only litter she knew of was in New York City.
Strangely that was where the breeder of a litter lived. The address was not only on the same street as the litter but only two blocks away. The Boston's friends in New York City walked to the address and purchased a puppy.
Another strange series of happenings left me with no plausible explanation. The young All American mongrel was presented after having had an epileptiform seizure. That was not a rarity and many dogs have such once and never again. A month later the dog was presented with another and was placed on a medication. A month later the dog was presented with another seizure. At that time the client asked if the full of the moon could have had an effect on the problem. I passed it off as coincidence but when a month later again on the full of the moon the seizure was repeated I still claimed coincidence. A month later for the fifth time I began to wonder. After all the moon influences the tides. The years passed with the dog on medication with sporadic seizures when a hopeless cancer resulted in a request for euthanasia. On the record I was reminded of the full of the moon question of years previously and was told they always watched for a repeat but it had never happened again.

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