Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Carolyn Whitney Sabol

When memory keeps me company I think of our first born, Carolyn. the first baby and a delight. As with all first born she was special. Although it was written that fear of falling is an inherited trait to be avoided I did toss her up and caught her falling a few inches to see the reaction. each time she would hold her breath and giggle with laughter. As she grew I would toss her higher and higher and she was always delighted and asked for more until she was heavy enough that I could no longer toss her any higher. As with all the little ones I would beg a ride to a road several miles from home where I would place her in a pack basket on my back and head through the woods for home. Those trips were so interesting because even when going through the jabbering period none of the children ever spoke more than a word and if not questioned would not be heard from during the hours of hiking. When brush would switch Carolyn in the face she would say a quick "ouch!" and that was all. When questioned if she were alright she would then say, "yes." and that was all. Carolyn was affectionate, full of fun and beautiful and a well organized young lady and apple of my eye. Visiting her college in Ohio for Dad's weekends were quite some adventures.It was a time when no band of musicians could play loud enough to please the students. At one dance the 6 foot high boom boxes one on top of another and all around the auditorium were so loud there must have been complaints from a mile away.
I had to get out or become deaf long before I actually did years later. Wile walking with Carolyn's boy friend, John Sabol, he asked me, "Doctor Whitney, how would you feel about your daughter and I shaking up together?" Well now, what to say. My little girl shaking up with this unknown quantity. Perhaps I should have said, "Give me a week to think about it" but I said, "You are two adults and should know what's best for you both." And then wondered about the future. They shacked up and were married a year or so later. I am reminded of our family physician, Dr. Robert Gordon who ' after exrays of my back were examined said, "I hsve advice for you, do whatever you want to do because that's what you will do anyway." They are a good team working together. After several moves they have settled down where Carolyn has a business of bookkeeping mostly for non profit groups and a special non profit, her father here in Brattleboro. Once a month we have some togetherness that is special while she tidies up my bookkeeping, balances the books and jokes along with me. She could have been an executive by her abilities. She was given the highest honor of her area for her work and a huge dinner with notables and awards. Work well done rewarded. Ah me she is well into middle age and still affectionate and smarter than ever. They have embraced a new venture by creating a liquor store and have become experts in wine tasting and dispensing. In my quest for a wine I like Carolyn's suggestion taking any wine and slowly adding sugar until it's just the way I like it. So far so good but If I offer you a glass of wine be sure to ask how much sugar is in the glass. Always an investigator she recently passed her driving test to drive her new motorcycle and she goes through city traffic as will as country.So now a new motto is be kind to motorcyclists.

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