Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lee, My Daughter

This is a most difficult blog as I so not think I have the ability to give the subject the credit she deserves. It concerns a personal decision as where to migrate to after my wife of 45 years had died. It's a decision that is more common to women than to we men. I had three opportunities from three of my four children. My first requirement was to be no burden to anyone with whom i might become associated. Daughter, Lee had always been the most sensitive of the four children and came after her mother, Nancy and I had decided that spanking was not a choice of discipline as it had rarely been for the other three. When Lee's Mother died of pancreatic cancer it was Lee who seemed to be the most devastated of the three. Lee had come to live with us until she flew the nest and married an attractive Vietnamese, Anh Ha. They had two boys who have grown to be exceptional young men both graduated from college Leon and Chuck (sometimes called by his middle name, Dana). Lee and Anh are divorced and i now reside in a renovated barn behind their house in Brattleboro, Vermont. I shall attempt to describe why this is the ultimate solution for the ending of my life that so far has been a vacation. A new beginning at 90 years of age. This pad is only part of the satisfaction and pleasure I have. The village and people, and climate and the striking beauty of the countryside are also major reasons for my joy. That leaves Lee as the most important part. She does not act the part of a parent but she is in reality just that. Not a dictatorial parent and never over asserting herself but always trying to anticipate my needs and even my desires. She encouraged me to bring masses of correspondence along with me. My collection of records including bauddy ones and the equipment to play them on. She has conducted me around not only the town but the byways, too. She seems to know half the people in town and wants me to know them, too. She takes pleasure of doing all sorts of carpentry work and nasonery and gardening as well as the landscaping with beauty in flowers a constant joy for all to behold. She is deeply concerned with political situatuons as am I.Lee checks up on her old man regularly and invariably in a few minutes of her entering we both are laughing. She radiates good will and happiness and it seems to be contagious. She has the figure of a 31 year old beauty in spite of her 51 years and still beautiful. Lee Whitney is one remarkable human being and a tribute to her ancestry. One of the most important objects in my life is to live a little longer to enjoy my life with such an exceptional daughter.


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  1. 1)I bribed him to write this.
    2)Don't believe everything you read
    3)He clearly imbibes occasionally
    4)I love you Dad!