Monday, September 7, 2009

Us at a Crosdsroads

Right, it should be, "We" excepting the, "Us" is the United States to me in this situation. This concerns the contest between those who want real change in the health care situation and those who do not like the proposals presented. On another more basic level it is a contest between those of us who like our government's way of doing business versus the corporation's way. That being the reasons for the positions taken we know the reasons differ. The corporations work first and foremost to make money for a few and the government works for what those in power think the people want.The Contest thus is narrowed to votes to keep the legislator in office and the power of money to pay for the legislator to run a campaign to convince his constituents of the corporation's best interests. Of the legislators who have benefited more than others from the corporations power and that means money, they will be most vocal in favor of the corporations. If the issue is powerful enough the voters will win for if the vote is contrary to the desires of the people they will vote him or her out of office and the issue will prevail eventually. Granted there are legislators who are independent and therefore may be called Statesmen in the best sense of the word and excepting my Vermont three who qualify, Franks and Waxman come to mind. In the spirit of fairness there are issues that coincide with the best wishes of both parties. In the present case it seems to me that those who are most anti outspoken will be voted out of office if they are up for election in 2010. If you and I can show our legislators that if they let the public down we will vote for legislators who will win by taking the position of the people. This contest places our government at a crossroads because if the insurance interests overcome the wishes of the public this time it indicates our congress is irreparably bought and paid for, forever and that Abraham Lincoln's prediction, "With the advent of the corporation will be the demise of the republic."
What do you think?

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  1. Who would you have a broken health plan corrected by? A corporation? Who else? If it is a corporation did you know it is reported that for every new Corporation created there are two that fail? To say, "Don't let the Government get involved" is to say, "I give up." because there is no one or thing left to repair the health system other than our Government.Let's keep the squeaky wheel from getting the grease and pass a single payer plan.