Friday, October 2, 2009

Jobs Jobs Jobs

President Obama has hit the economic downturn running with ideas he has said will take time and what does not work will be discarded and others tried. Here is an idea that could provide jobs and help peoples lives worldwide including those who choose to accept a job in our new Army. We can form an army armed with knowledge as its armaments. We know the Peace Corps was and is an impressive success so our new army will be designed in part as was the Peace Corps. The plan is to develop perhaps millions of members trained in all forms of needs of people over the earth. People who would go forth and fill a need. How about an example or two. There is a desire of better education in Otherland but that country does not have the resources to provide more than the most basic education for its people. Our new army has representatives over the world looking for positions to identify as needy and put in an order of those trained to help. School houses will have to be built and there is no wood so people trained in making bricks will be part of a team to go on the spot and show the locals how to make bricks with masons to teach how to lay up bricks and there will have to be teachers to teach the natives the best in teaching. If health has needs in Otherland we will have our trained personell join the platoon involved with the education to train natives to be useful teaching including health for that particular group. At this end we will have our colleges geared to train our privates or officers in teaching all the possible subjects required for helping the people in Otherland.
Think of it, an army composed of privates, noncoms and officers versed in any and all specialties that any people in other lands could benefit from and at no cost to them. Even have countries might request a teacher in zoo husbandry. If our army did not have such a discipline in ranks some could be identified to take a course of study to equip one or more individuals to fill that need. Our Army would soon be known for its widespread cooperation with others. Those working in the field would personally benefit in learning about another culture with its problems as well as the recipients who would demand that no terrorist injure the goose that lays the golden eggs. One need might lead to others. Could the new US Army supply help in agriculture? Each of our State universities have agriculture courses and could create special courses for helping the likes of the needs of Otherland.
Do you suppose such an Army could become so successful that it might eventually replace the need of the U S Army as we know it today?

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