Saturday, September 12, 2009

The United States of America, Inc.

We voted President Obama to be our leader with one plank of his platform, "change." We all know our legislators, at least the majority have bought and paid for. It isn't necessary to purchase all of them. a majority of one is enough. So here is a suggestion for President Obama to adopt to fulfill hes promise of, "change." This suggestion is right in line with the desires of so many who insist they are against our government. Create a huge corporation, The United states of America, Incorporated. From the minute the corporation comes into being every smaller corporation will suddenly become a public entity. Think of it. So many corporations owned by the public with all the dividends from stocks going directly into our treasury. Think of it! No more taxes. They would be unnecessary with the profits. We could retire our countries debt in a few years. There would be plenty of cash for all the things we are presently taxed for. Sidewalks, transportation, new shoes and food all government issue. The present corporations would elect their Boards of Directors and the boards would hire the best Company President they could and pay what they could for the services. The huge pay offs these company Presidents would be paid would be in in stock and cash which would be paid directly into the treasury of the Mother Corporation. Records of income into the Treasury would be published and lists of workers would be listed in categories so those in the upper income group would be the real heroes of our country. Special credit would be given in donations to the treasury from special inventions such as the electric toothbrush and the robot foster mother. Think of it , without money there would be no purpose for crime. After all who would hold up a bank to get stock destined for the treasury and not edible. The big city crime like Enron would be of no bragging rites. To be most successful would be to rise up levels of income listings for the recognition the publicity would result in. Every year there could be a day long party of recognition of the big investors and ribbons given to each of a color indicating the level of contribution for the year. Hurry and tell President Obama there is a way out of the corporate mess we are in.

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