Thursday, September 17, 2009

Economic solution via corporations

Erika, I have the answer to our economic problems so adopt it and let's get on with the good that come from the government as it was before corporations screwed it up. The answer is simple and one adopted by many non profit corporations. If you can't beat them, JOIN THEM. Let it furthermore be known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INCORPORATED. under that heading make all other corporations subsidiaries with only honest legislators on the Boards of Directors. So where does the income come from to run such a massive Corporation? From the profits of each Corp.,stupid. Of course there would be no taxes with that income. When this plan is put before the public imagine the rush to enact the necessary legislation. When the public hears that from this time on there will never be any TAXES the votes will be there unless the corporations pay off enough more legislators to defeat the plan. We may have to hire armed mercenaries to be sure the legislators vote right. The N.R.A. can supply the mercenaries. That plan is so obvious in changing the effort for a reasonable health care plan because there will never more be a problem controlling health care expenses with the incomes from the thousands of corporations.Of course if a corporation goes belly up the board of directors will all go immediately to jail.
With the profits each citizen becomes a stock holder of all corporations and with that income each can have a new American built car every year. The work week can be reduced to three half days a week with two months vacation every year. LET'S GO. SEND THIS TO ALL ON YOUR MAILING LIST FROM VILLAGE TO FARM AND WE SHALL RIDE AND SPREAD THE ALARM. This s story will show that corporations did not destroy the Republic as Abraham Lincoln predicted but made the Republic an example for the end of time.
Who can build on this idea? Let me know. GDW

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