Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Plight of the Conservtives

In my 90 years of political observations I have never observed such a downfall of a political movement as with the current view of voters all over our country. As I see it here are some facts:
1. It appears that conservatives got us into the mess our economy is in.
2. They have only one present position of advice to offer and that is only against the efforts to extricate ourselves.
3. After denouncing virtually every effort by those who are offering possible corrections they find it fruitless to argue constantly in the negative with no ideas of their own.
4. All other thoughts being fruitless they have orchestrated disruptive efforts at Democratic Town Meetings. There are no disruptions at Republican Town Meetings.
5. At Republican Town Meetings the speakers, one after another speak in the negative about issues Republicans may have suggested in committees considering possible bill wordings. Never do they produce a stack of paper to show their contributions as Democrats do.
6. Knowing that some of the Conservatives will have to defend their positions to the voters next year many have preferred not to run for their office again. The Governor of Vermont is an example.
7. The constant bitter flavor of an unnecessary and even evil war has been brought to a tragic level by the Conservatives that has caused more animosity world wide than by any other conceivable efforts on our part that we could be guilty of. The Conservatives have thus dug a hole from which there is no, even faint hope of extricating themselves, on the Republican horizon for future success other than working for the failure of the liberal efforts. That, too is a dead end effort.
8. Furthermore the conservatives do not have even a slightly charismatic, intelligent member to attempt a rebuttal of the present situation.
9. Finally, the vast majority of conservatives are not inclined to stand up and be counted any more than a leper of the past. Could this be labled, "Death by design?"

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  1. I've read this several times. I *think* I agree with you. But, being somewhat analytical in my reading, I am not 100% positive I'm with you ...

    My view is that Conservatives got us here and are being 100% negative. The Democrats are, unfortunately, not helping much and are presenting a confusing collection of approaches.

    Hopefully, Obama will clarify what he has in mind in his upcoming speech.

    This is obviously a very very complex issue.