Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Baloney of Changing the Health Csre System

I have a bunch of uncivilized cuss words I would like to use about changing the health care system but use your own for me to be most effective. It is utterly outrageous to talk about anyone other than the doctors themselves changing that system. The argument should be defined as changing the access to the health care system that has evolved by virtue of trial and error by leaders of our human medical profession. Again, it is the access to that profession and nothing more we are being bombarded by so many dummies who apparently know nothing about the nature of the system.
Why not call a spade a spade and get the issues out in the open. Our legislators have had the opportunity for 50 years or more to do something like all other countries have long ago done but have done nothing. Do you want the corporations that have had the chance and flubbed it to continue to have control of the access or the government? It is those who are paid by and are supposed to represent our government by way of the ballot box who are blubbering about not letting the very organization they are supposed to represent take the reins to correct such an injustice.
OK, From now on is the time for candidates who want the government to do something the corporations failed to do, to stand before we the people and show the bums up as to what they have descended to. That is lobbyists bought and paid for in the interest of other than we the voters. If I were a candidate I would list why you should throw out or not elect candidates for the following reasons.
1.S/he Knows the corporations have failed the people in access to health care.
2.Everyone knows and admits that access to health care is, "broken".
3.Other than the Government who is around to fix what some call the broken system?
4.Vote for me and I will work for access to the excellent health care we all should be entitled to.
5.All working for the corporations against the solution of this problem must wear a big emblum, "Lobbyist, bought and paid for."

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