Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Black Book

Much has been said about transparency and herein is a suggestion. When the latest drug law was enacted that placed the AARP as a group favoring it's passage in spite of legislating making it illegal for AARP members and others to purchase identical medications from Canada at often half the price of those in our country,I was upset. As the President of the Orange, CT chapter I wrote a letter asking who were the AARP leaders who put the weight of the organization to favor the legislation? I wanted names and addresses. Furthermore I stated that if notice of that information and the firing of those responsible did not occur promptly I would recommend the dissolution of our chapter. Of course nothing happened so I resigned and the chapter members all resigned in both disappointment and disgust. Such information should be readily available to the interested public. This government under the cloak of secrecy amounts to rotten government and must come to a screeching halt. Here is one way to head in the right direction. Create a "Black Book" with not only the names but addresses be published for the offense for all to see and to evaluate. For example those who agreed to support the legislation on the board of directors of the AARP should have been published so that we the members when voting could vote them off the Board and also they would be disgraced as the members evaluated the action. I have asked the Conn. legislators to give me the name of the person who proposed that part of the bill. The silence is still deafening. Again in that legislation who suggested the subsidies of tax payers money to be paid to the drug companies? Of the many forms of punishment ridicule and exposure are powerful tools. Think about it, if you knew your name would become known for some dishonesty wouldn't you be hesitant about having your name known? Some would do it for the cash in it if the cash were more important than reputation. If with every bill to be voted on in the House and Senate had the author of every amendment on the bill then you and I could zero in on the author. As it is all kinds of pork get attached and no one knows who is the culprit. If a, "Black Book" exists at present we all should read it and help the authors are so we the voters could cry, "foul" as well as advertise it. Who would be against such a book? How can we influence the present administration to embrace the idea? It's time for a change. What do you think of that idea?

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