Sunday, October 18, 2009

More on Health Care

As the discussion on health care endlessly continues some, "this you must believe" appearing points are more than troubling to me. All politicians in both parties admit and constantly state that the health care situation is, "broken". The strange dichotomy that has resulted has developed between lobbyists and Democrats other than Senator Snow of Maine. Do some Republicans believe the American public is so stupid they can't see through stupid arguments? Don't the Republicans realize they will have to stand for election in 2010 or 2012? Also isn't there a regulation that those who lobby must wear an identifying badge? I guess we have to call them legal lobbyists. I hear that many Republican legislators have announced that they will not run after finishing their present terms. The hue and cry of so many opponents of any and all proposed plans is against their employers and that is you and me.The word socialism I hear regularly should put to rest like so many others. Someone said recently, if we were talking socialism, the doctors and the hospitals would be owned by the government like the highways, fire and police stations and putting scientists on the moon. With that argument I am reminded somehow that the sewers are owned by the government. Does the socialist argument mean that if you use a toilet you are automatically a socialist?. The legislation should have choices like each legislator has for health plans. I suggest that if legislation for all of us does not pass that the plans the Senators and Representatives now have for themselves be canceled immediately. What do you think?

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  1. I had an emergency appendectomy in Germany. I had immediate service, the head surgeon handled my case, there was excellent care, and the surgical techniques used were more advanced than what was then being used in the US. And it cost me nothing. We would be fortunate to get a system in place that can provide that type of service to everyone. Why are we afraid to try a public option, which is just that, an option, a choice for folks who want or need it? I was a member of the Member Advisory Board for PA Blue Cross/Blue Shield when they decided to become a for-profit. I kept asking them how that would benefit their customers, and wouldn't that end up costing the customers more? They never would give a straight answer, and I soon resigned from the board. Insurers shouldn't make a profit off the health needs of people. We need a public option to keep them honest and their prices in check.