Saturday, October 17, 2009

Food For Thought and Humans

The Blog about the birth of the animal food industry having been mentioned, where does the super animal food come in? One company has advertised that they have a food for every animal on earth. That sounds to me to be an ad before Darwin since we know we, too are animals. When it comes to human nutrition we have learned a great deal about it from studies and observations of lower animals over the years. On trying to appreciate why a single commercial food complete in nutrition has not been provided for humans it may be that no one believes the human animal is as worthy as our pets and domesticated animals for whom we have wonderful single item diets. There are dozens of brands of dog and cat foods that can be fed to those animals with nothing else for long and healthy lives. Why not humans?
Think of the advantage of having such a food for starving children. One human biscuit a day with water could be eaten by anyone with all the necessary ingredients for healthy lives. We don't even do it for our astronauts. Even they are given a variety of nutritious food.
Don't overlook parts of our own population who know and care less about the proper diets for good health. If our poor people who cannot know about nutrition had a box of human biscuits on hand their nutrition would be assured. But the starving children we constantly hear about and see via TV could at least be fed properly rather than our donating one item such as corn, rice or wheat none of which come close to being a complete food.
Could this be a question of those who would not benefit by a human biscuit would scream against such a diet such as vitamin manufacturers? There is such an obvious need as well as solution with our knowledge about human nutrition that it is almost criminal not to have such an item on earth.

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