Monday, October 12, 2009

Marijuana, grass,drugs

Recently I read of confiscation of four tons of marijuana by our ever vigilant government agents. I don't know how many cigarettes a ton of the weed can make but it has to be way in excess of a million. That drug "bust" was not even enough news to receive a mention in any of the regular press I read. I would think that volume of grass would make the cost of that product soar in price on the street wouldn't you? I am told such a paltry amount would not effect the price because only about ten percent of the hemp smuggled into our country is confiscated. I wonder how much we tax payers pay to keep the ten percent out? Isn't it a farce that we spend anything if our citizens have so much of the drug where they can get it when they want it? It has to be criminals who do the smuggling but it has to be more than the criminals who use it.
For me at 90 plus years of age its the old story of a repeat of history. The rape of us all by the financial geniuses in 1929 has recently been repeated and the prohibition of a much worse drug than marijuana was drinking alcohol. Isn't time we repeal that law and spend the loose change we now pay to stop it to control its use and educate our users why it's not good for you?
Apparently this drug is so commonly used that if a secret vote were taken it seems to me it would be legalized. I don't imbibe in much alcohol and none of the other but on the spot tests could be developed and the guilty should have their cars taken and auctioned off for driving under the influence of any drug.I would think the MADD folks would agree.

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