Thursday, October 29, 2009

Raw Eggs and Whisky?

A beloved relative of mine has generalized malignant melanoma. The skin lesion removed I believe 14 years ago has spread throughout her body. Conventional medical knowledge has no suggestions or hope for her. As a veterinarian with 50 years of veterinary experience I have urged a treatment for her and here is the reasoning for my suggestion. I shall put parts of seemingly unrelated thoughts together together and the resulting scientific reasons for embracing the treatment. I have told my relative I will write this to support the theory,
My first memory was a human situation. I had grade one infectious hepatitis, turned bright yellow, lost 25 pounds in 14 days and looking in a mirror decided I was dying.My father, with contacts at the Yale Medical School brought one of the world's experts in liver disease out to see me and advise. Incidentally that doctor was Dr. John Paul who at that time was the Chairman of the United Nations Commission on Jaundice. After a discussion Dr. Paul said, "There is no treatment for you and I will give you just two bits of advice. First, don't take vitamins and second , don't let them git you into a hospital." He wished me well and left. On the way back to the Hospital Dr. Paul told my father that those taking vitamins or had then given by injection had a significantly higher death rate than those who do not take vitamins. Also the death rate in hospital treated cases is much higher than those treated at home. That information is the first piece of the puzzle leading to my advice to my relative. The second was also a human observation. In my younger days I was a raccoon hunter but long since graduated to be against killing anything for the fun of it. A Yale animal psychologist enjoyed going on coon hunts with me and I noticed he brought out a pill bottle and ate some regularly. I asked why? He said frankly I enjoy alcohol and it robs the system of vitamin B complex. That was another piece of the puzzle. Next came a veterinary part. In the early days of my practice we had a highly fatal disease of dogs called Canine Distemper for which there was no treatment and virtually a 100% mortality. In our experimental kennels I recall 75 bodies lying like a pile of cord wood waiting for spring thaws to dig the mass grave for them. In our Clinic clients would bring in litter after litter of sick puppies and all would die. Not infrequently on owner would say one of the puppies had been given away and it was still living. I did not believe it but finally the statement was so frequent I asked for the name and address of those with such a puppy. Three times in a row came the same treatment, almost apologetically, "We gave the puppy raw eggs and whiskey." I didn't go to veterinary school for four years to learn of raw eggs and whiskey as a treatment. Perhaps two weeks later a new client presented a beautiful Old English Sheepdog that was having, "Chewing gum spasms". His veterinarian advised the 10 week old puppy be euthanized and as a second opinion I agreed. Then I thought of the phone calls and although I feared being called a quack I told him about the dark age treatment and he decided to try it even if it was a waste of time. The puppy recovered with no side affects as a normal puppy. There was some thought of coincidence although I had never seen a puppy with those spasms recover. The same results with a neighbor's dog and my daughter and her husband in New York State had the same results. At that time we had a very effective inoculation with which the disease was eliminated from dog dome. After I retired I began to consider the above situations and came to the following conclusions. 1. Raw egg white is indigestible in humans and dogs.
2. Raw egg white has been shown to deplete the system of at least part of the vitamin B complex. 3. Whiskey depletes the system of vitamin B1, thiamine chloride. 4.It es recognized that viruses require certain nutritious environments to survive. 5. we know that the cause of most cancer is unknown but we have to assume it is caused by something for which in most cases no therapeutic treatment has been effective. 6. From my experience with Dr. Paul's suggestion, giving vitamins with some infective diseases fertilizes the causative agent. 7. I t is known that if a patient lives for a given time he or she will have reached the climax and will recover. In such cases it is possible that with no vitamin intake the stored vitamin may have been exhausted weakening the cause perhaps enough for the immune system to take charge. In conclusion the causative agent if known or not should not be fertilized and the host may be able to out live the agent.In a case like my relative,in which the cause is a mystery since in my opinion my suggestion could be the medication to be effective. It is an approach I would embrace. One fresh raw egg mixed with 1 tablespoon of whiskey twice a day and reevaluate the schedule in a week.The chance of salmonilla infection is remote in uncrcked eggs.

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