Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Work and No Play? No Way

Being enthusiastic about my new book, "Come Run With Me," creating a fad for seniors running this is a chapter in that book. You may reach a point, perhaps when you are able to jog for an hour after about 6 months of effort that you will say to yourself,"Imagine, I have always been against work and here I am working at jogging and it's fun." Believe me it will happen and that may be the time for a celebration. If there are others or not plan a special excursion that could even be a regular event. In anticipation of your celebration join the Sierra Club and they will give you a back pack just for joining. For just yourself or more assign one to be the "Pack Rat" for that day and perhaps have a back-up pack-rat. You provide a very light lunch for you and your group and the Back-up will carry the blanket and water or orange juice for a jaunt to an out of door location for the victory picnic. As the designated Pack Rat you can decide how far you and your group will travel as well as the location and all have a celebration while communing with nature. At that gathering you may find all the new joggers mentioning how good they feel for the modest effort in adopting my program and having reached the point of being able to, "Come Run With Me. Be it known, I am delighted, too.

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