Monday, September 12, 2011

Who are Our Federal Regulators?

Recently a call for those who want the end of the nuclear generator in our area met in town where authorities and concerned citizens lectured. For me it was such a hopeless venture because the Federal Regulators involved come from the Government in Washington where corporations corrupt appointed regulators as part of the normal scene. The gathering did have a hidden positive side that I must refer to for the good of all. It is what I call The Brattleboro Initiative in a previous Blog. The gathering should be the people who must gather to further the aim of cleaning out the rat's nest of corruption that Washington has become. There is a strange situation that seems so unlikely that it is a small wonder that the principal I have suggested has not been attempted before. Strange also becaule I have written about it to over 150 contacts and not one can think of a single reason for my plan not to work. Moreover most say it's worth a try but no one has suggested a reason for it to fail. In my 92 years with so many issues to consider on tvery subject immaginable I do not recall an issue that everybody agrees with. It's a no lose situation other than not spreading the existance of the Brattleboro Initive.SUABC. Stand up and be counted and the corporation corruption will be a thing af the past.

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