Sunday, September 4, 2011

Animal Anecdote 32

Animal Anecdote 32.

My next patient was a feline I had seen recently this time with a lame rear leg. Mrs. Blank began with a history of she and her husband having moved to the University Towers, a new building and they have an apartment on the top, the 18th floor. The cat was reclining on the windowsill basking in the sun when Mrs. Blank, seeing it stepped forward to bring it in and to close the window. The cat hopped off the window sill away from Mrs. Blank.
In horror she rushed to the staircase and elected to run down stairs where she found the cat limping up the front steps of the, “Towers.” She brought the animal right out for an examination. There was a miner fracture of a rear leg that was no problem and no other injury I could find.
I suppose since cats are said to have 9 lives I should have assumed this was not the 9th life but it is an example of the resilience of felines. I assumed the cat had broken it’s fall by an awning or at least some shrubbery but with the newness of the structure the landscaping was still solid dirt. Somehow I can visualize the cat spreading its four legs and acting slightly like a parachute landing without more injury.
Another curiosity about this case was that the cat was as new to the building as were the residents and that cat must have remembered having been carried into it through the front door. The Blanks had moved from a distance. Coincidence? I have to wonder.
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