Sunday, September 4, 2011

TheAatempted Republican Sting

With the popularity of President Obama the Republicans had only one possibility of recouoping in DC and that was to bad mouth him constantly and for any reason. For the few liberals who have turned away from him I say, "Good luck" and wonder just whom you will support in the coming election. Some appreciate how powerful the anti Obama faction is. With that power the present administration must do all it can under the right wing influence. Unfortunately compromise is a poor but necessary choice when the congress is not as supportive as progressives would like. I'll stay with President Obama and he will win handily because the suffering part of the public have seen the obstructionists and their effect on the attempts to improve the economic situation. The poor Republicans know a candidate with charisma, of either party is apt to prevail. Examples are FDR, Ike, Reagan, Clinton and now Obama. To be really effective for the good of our Country we have the charismatic candidate who is doing more under the power circumstances than the long list of pathetic Republican candidates could do even if one of them is the second coming. Progressive voters cannot stand for the changes the conservatives stand for and must work for the day when the majority of voters see h0w the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot regularly and give the President the majority necessary to make the changes benefiting the people rather than the for profit corporations. To Progressives and would be Progressives I say, "Don't let the bad mouthing of the Republicans influence the good that is the potential of President Obama. Stay the course!"

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