Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Continuence of Mike Lofgren's 9/3/11 Essay on the two Political Parties

You and I are continually drenched with statements of the problems of the day but one statement of 9/3/11 is so scholarly and significant that it virtually screams for help for the survival of our Republic. The public recognizes the corruption, worse than sleezyness but dishonesty among our elected legislators with the evidence all but being crammed down the throats of those of us who still appreciate our democracy. The cries of HELP ring out from the excellent dissertation by an ex GOP 30 year operative, Mike Lofgren. I am here to tell all there is an answer to the call for help if you as a concerned if not disgusted voter care to join the action of the Brattleboro Initiative. Oh yes, I can note more than a bit of skepticism gathering between your ears but it's American to hear all sides out in our society so listen on. You must accept that the voters are concerned that the corruption in Washington must be stopped and that is impossible isn't it? Try this on. Have a Senator such as Bernie Sanders of Vermont present a bill making a conflict of interest of for profit corporations and their representatives and any Government employee punishable by a mandated 10 year jail sentence and a million dollar fine if found guilty. Of course that bill will be soundly defeated BUT with all the millions of members of groups agreeing with the bill's idea any candidate running for office will have to support the Initiative to stay in office. There will be a veritable tsunami of voters challenging legislators who will have to choose between the corporations and our government. Submitted a second time the bill will pass. This does present an interesting situation as after asking numerous individuals the negatives with my reasoning there are none. Everybody is against the Washington Government dishonesty problems and everybody I talk with agrees with me that even if my suggestion can not work It is a worthy plan of action. I ask only that all voters who agree to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. After your name place the letters, SUABC and you are automatically part of the action. The group has no President, no membership list, no Board of Directors, no dues or other costs. Imagine being able to tell you're family members and coming generations that YOU were part of the movement that cleaned up Washington and perhaps even saved the Republic. Remember it was President Lincoln who said that with the advent of corporations would be the end of the republic.

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