Saturday, August 20, 2011

The wrong skunk-11

Animal Anecdote 11.

One day I’ll write an anecdote about pet names but about Tink for now I’ll let you guess why the Jewett family named their pet skunk, Tink. The frantic phone call informed me that their beloved Tink had wandered off and had not returned. Could we bring our Bloodhounds to their house and track Tink for them? No, you see Bloodhounds are permitted to trail humans only. No, we couldn’t make an exception. However I can lend you a box trap and you can bait it with sardines so if Tink returns you may trap him.

Ads were placed in local papers. The local schools were all alerted and of course the police and animal control officers in two towns. The trap was set and being a metal one would be heard if sprung. That first night they caught the neighbor’s cat at 3 AM and the three children as well as the parents all rushed out to sadly find the cat.

Two nights later raise the flag. Set off fireworks the family rushed out to find success. There was Tink safe and sound in the trap. To be sure he would not stray away right in front of them they took the trap into their house and right there in their living room midst the happiness of all released Tink, Holy Ghost! That’s not Tink but an imposter. Next the wonderment of weather this imposter had been deodorized as Tink had. Well, fetch the card tables and use them to corral the villain to go toward the screened porch and out of the house.

Either that skunk did not subscribe to common curtsey or there was something about the Jewetts or the environment but there on that sultry hot summers midnight it let blast with everything it had to offer. The odor in that house made it a total disaster. Everyone ran out of the house to get a little fresh air and when they tried to convince the Motel owner why they all had to have accommodations for the night the Motel owner said, “Not in my motel are you going to shed that stench.” Somewhere in Woodbridge, Connecticut there may still be a wild descented skunk named Tink.

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