Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sleep with a Python?

Animal Anecdote 13.

My next client’s chart indicted the patient to be a 3 year old Burmese Python. I recognized the client’s name because 3 years before I had sold it to her. I had a clutch of 28 eggs hatch and she had had an early choice of the brood. This snake was obviously a female as with snakes the female of the species is considerably larger than the male of the same age. This beautiful specimen had not one blemish and was about the same size as her 10 year old father.

I don’t recall why she brought the snake in but during our conversation I wondered how she kept the snake warm since snakes are cold blooded and this species is a tropical one. The snake had the “run of the apartment” and when in need of heat she crawled up on the electric blanket that was kept on constantly. Then my client leaned toward me and in a lowered voice she confided that the snake slept with her every night. Smiling she said, “I’ve never told anyone that before but we do get along so well together.”

This client was and is a very attractive woman and many thoughts came to my mind in a flash as I presume have come to you in reading this. Doesn’t she date? How would she work out a relationship with a husband? Suppose somebody wanted to crawl into bed with her as a surprise? Or suppose there was a fire in the middle of the night. Would she be able to get the 55 pound snake over her shoulders and rush outside in her nightgown to some surprised firemen? Then I held my curiosity by not asking what would happen if her snake rolled over and crushed her in her sleep?

If any interested young men would like to know her name and address, don’t call me. I’ll call you.

Next will be about an unusual pet.

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