Friday, August 26, 2011

Atomic Energy Waste

There is an overwhelming reason at this time in history to stop the nuclear energy programs of all countries and that is the problem of storage of waste. Who will pay for the storrage of the spent nuclear material for thousands of years? Think about it. Times change. Corporations go out of business and who is left holding such a dangerous bag? Think of even a short time of 50 or 100 years. We know even concrete has a life and little I can think of has a life to compare with that of nuclear waste. What the hell, let our children worry about that? The industry claims the government can solve that with steel drums of the stuff to be buried in a mountain but what when the drums start to leak and pollute ground water? Virtually all water finds its way into a sea and eventually into the sky where as rain it comes to earth again. In thousands of years a lot of spent fuel can be catastrophic to many forms of life. Stop the corporations and their lobbyists who influence our legislators for selfish reasons.

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