Friday, August 26, 2011

Fuel for the Brattleboro Initiative

Cleaning up the corporation/lobbyist grip on out legislators in Washington, DC is not only possible but remarkably simple. The Brattleboro Initiative speaks to the single issue by being part of a volunteer group that asks only one small requirement of voters- vote only for candidates for public office in DC who will support legislation outlawing the conflict of interest of profit making corporations on our legislators.

The reasons for the overwhelming opinions of the voters against the present corruption among voters varies over a broad spectrom of issues. Here are a few. To make an improvement on gas millage for gas burning vehicles is almost impossible because of corporate lobbyist pressure on legislators. Another? To stop hill top destruction of coal mining is prevented by corporate lobbyist pressure on legislators. Another? To reduce the numbers of U.S. military troups on foreign soil is all but impossible due to the pressure of corporation lobbyists pressure on our legislators. More? Corporations paid lobbying interests $3.47 in 2009 that is a cost of doing business and therefore a deduction in income tax to the IRS because of corporation lobbyists. Then to slow down and to stop pouring carbondioxide into our atmosphere contributing to human-caused global warming is impossible with the power of the corporation lobbyists influence on our legislators. Also, to offer the voters a program of health care similar to all other advanced countries is almost impossible with the private profit making corporations and their lobbyists' control of so many of our legislators. The list is endless when the tax breaks for the wealthy and the corporations and their lobbyists are factored in.

Never overlook that those of us who want to do something about the corporation are in good company as it was a past President who said that with the advent of the corporation will be the end of the republic. Abraham Lincoln.

Is the point obvious and who can be against the effort that can change the corporation influence? It is granted that corporation research has brought forth great advances in human welfare usually with the financial backing of our government but with the selfishness of many humans the Corporations must be controlled. The Brattlleboro Initiative can and will accomplish just that. Stand up and be counted. SUABC.

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