Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Idea re Therapies

Here are the ideas developed leading up to the new idea at the conclusion.
1. Man is a running creature and for Long distances. 2. Runners are healthier than non-runners. 3. Runners have little or none of some debilitating problems of non-runners. 4. Exercises from other activities than running do not have the favorable effect that running has. 5. Of the exercise while running the brain is jolted slightly with each stride. 6. The jolting releases one or more chemicals such as endorphins responsible for the better health in humans who run than in non-running humans. 7. The new idea is when a health problem that rarely occurs in runners is diagnosed in non-runners could instigating running as a therapy be helpful? 8. Should running as a therapy be tried on human conditions that have no identified cause? MS, ALS and Parkinson's come to mind as well as breast cancer in women and Alzheimer's that are less common in runners? The weaknesses in that thinking are, 1. The jolting of the brain may not be related to the better health of the runners. 2. Is there a chemical cause for better health in runners? 3.How can members of the human medical profession be alerted to the new idea that has a potential for saving misery and worse in humans?

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