Friday, January 22, 2010

Birth Control

At a holiday gathering recently my son who was born in 1950 remarked that in his lifetime the world's population had doubled in size. Isn't it wonderful how fertile and productive we humans are? I am reminded of the problem with rabbits where the bunnies ate everything planted until the humans devised a plan of rabbit control. A rabbit control day was declared and hundreds of us gathered with about half with shot guns. The people made a huge circle and at a signal slowly walked toward the center. When close enough at another signal those with guns turned and backed in and as the rabbits ran out between the members of the circle the gunners had a wonderful time killing rabbits. What will one day happen to the over population of humans? Is it possible that before the world population is approaching too many those excessive ones will have to be eliminated? Is it possible that we humans may come to our senses soon and practice birth control before we have to eliminate fellow humans. It comes to mind that those who are against abortion for example are in favor of young children dieing of starvation. Also those against abortion favor unwanted children. It is the unwanted children who enter schools so ill prepared that they can never aspire to the level of education necessary for even a lowly lifelong job. These are the members of gangs in all our major cities and of the red necks who take on any cause and scream about no Holocaust and down with Catholics, Jews and blacks. An unwanted child is one of the saddest creatures on earth and those against abortions are the parents of the unwanted children. We who think of the future should get behind birth control the world over to save ourselves if for no other reason. This is such a great problem it seems remarkable that thinking humans don't respond to the obvious. I suspect those who would accept jobs in a mercenary army as so any have done in Afghanistan and Pakistan, thousands, were unwanted children who will one day be available to enforce enemies to challenge our Democracy.

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