Friday, January 22, 2010

A New Army

This is an elaboration on a previous thought. It seems to me that throughout history armies with killing in mind have really accomplished little. On the other hand there may be another way only tried in a very limited way and that is a peace army with no arms and ammunition other than arms with which to embrace old and new friends. It might go like this. Where we now have military locations in over 700 locations of our earth, gradually replace our military with unarmed teachers to attempt to help those desiring help in education. Each outpost would address the needs of the surrounding area such as a need of education. There would be peaceful military bases in our country that would send teachers to fill the need. For example a school house is needed. A mason would be assigned the teaching position of teaching locals how to construct a suitable school house for the situation. Perhaps a teacher of brick building would be necessary before the idea could proceed. So teachers would teach locals how to make bricks and another teacher would teach locals how to lay up the bricks an build a school house. For the need of radio repairing could result in a trade school specializing in teaching radio repair providing a qualified student to go to the area of need and give a course of radio repair to locals to teach the subject to those who are in need of that ability. Granted the logistics may seen over whelming but we put men on the moon and a space station high in the sky and working out the needs of such a worldwide education system is just the thing we are good at. But think of the good in so many ways. Here at home institutions of teaching could be earmarked as qualified to prepare the man and woman power for teaching any subject in demand by any need on earth and when in action the friends made would be emissaries of good will and therefore peace. Countries who decline the offer would see the advantages and eventually accept the free offering making more friends. Friends are less likely to become enemies and the results might be world peace. One hard and fast rule would be no teaching of religion or conducting espionage in any form. Such an army should not be a political tool. In conclusion think about it. Never has an army of do gooders ever been tried other than our Peace Corps and that has made nothing but friends. It has been on such a limited basis but so far proof of the pudding is that it has been a resounding success. Think of how much less expensive to have such an army to make peace rather than war. I say, let's start a movement in that direction. Where there is a need of interpretors our students could be assigned to study conversational language in a country with a need after which to be able to teach teachers of a given specialty. Here too is a job creation idea as a secondary pluss. Graduallly military uniforms would be replaced by civilian dress in the over 700 locations. Read, "Nemesis" by Chalmers Johnson before it is too late.

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