Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get the Military Off Our Backs

Bill Moyers commentated that the most important book he had read recently is C. Johnson's "Nemesis." That was enough for me to buy a used copy from the Internet. If for nothing else than a reference book naming names and deeds that had somehow eluded me in the past while reading and viewing the media this book is important. Did you know you and I have over 700 military installations scattered over the globe? Put yourself in the other fellows shoes. How would you like military uniformed personnel wandering around your neighborhoods? Representatives of any other country? Would you accept them as a friendly gesture? All told the author estimates we, you and I, have a thousand properties outside our country. Among my friends including legislators I happen to know only people who talk peace and helpfulness for others and love. Most publications are full of that kind of information. We think of ourselves as a peaceful nation but in reality we have a world-wide reputation of the opposite. For shame. It's one thing to carry a big stick but to constantly shake it in faces all over the world is not in the best interest of all excepting the military industrial complex. There are places where it is "cute" to show our strength but we would be better off most in most places to show the feelings of most of us by our employees wearing anything but military costumes. I have mentioned a solution in a previous blog in the proven success of our Peace Corps. There is a proven good will effort that only needs implementation. First, get the military uniforms out of our foreign properties. Second gradually replace military personnel with our representatives who will offer to help those who can benefit by the education. All subjects that we can provide to improve the lives of others and without charge could be offered. Teaching English might be high on the list. Locals could teach their language on location to visiting students of our land. We have the agricultural part of such education well established by past Peace Corps workers and using that success,utilizing the principal, "Do unto others as they would be done to," provide teachers in the desired subjects. You must appreciate that by doing good to others also does good for ourselves. It is actually not a new way of thinking as most people I know agree right now. It is a new way of demonstrating the true values of we the people all over the globe. I urged Mrs. Obama to take this plan on as a First Lady project. Would that she would.

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