Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Running Theory of Good Health

Evolutionists tell us our ancestors were tree dwellers until some found a better life on the ground. Then there was an advantage in being able to rise up on his legs to look for danger or food over the vegetation of the African Savannah. With the hardware each human possesses he must have had a good reason for it whatever the reason. The bones, muscles, tendons, arteries, veins and also upstairs, the inclination to run.
Think about it. After childhood most of us try to discourage exercise. Think of those of us who invent stuff to minimize exercise and to avoid using our fantastic hardware. Having been equipped for running and so well equipped what else of our anatomy may we fail to use? Suppose we have organs that are dependent on exercise to function properly and do not exercise? Suppose we have organs equipped for the food we ingested in the millions of years we have taken to be here and now. And suppose those organs are exposed to stuff they are not equipped to handle, what then?
Of course the answer is obvious, we could be poisoned. Suppose we know our livers are important in trapping unwelcome stuff and removes the stuff from our systems with the flow of blood through that organ. Once again suppose the exercise which our anatomy is equipped for is not utilized to it's fullest extent. Unless the exercise is present that organ fails to do its job?
Could that be the reason that running women have half as much breast cancer as non-running women? Is that why runners have fewer strokes, stronger bones, almost no Alzheimer's as well as fewer trips to physicians? Another wonder is, if the above reasoning is valid, can we say those problems not found in runners may be caused by environmental reasons? Environmental reasons that, if eliminated would solve many human mysteries? Autism comes to mind as well as atherosclerosis and heart attacks and even the likes of ALS and Parkinson's?
To take that thinking step farther, we know if a woman takes the likes of thalidomide, her child may be born a cripple. The same result is found in a cow eating the vegetation we call lupine while pregnant. We have to factor in the susceptibility of the mother in all the strange unaccountable problems of humans.
So that's my thinking for today. Other thoughts should be factored in the equation but the basis is that by the excess circulation of blood through the liver provides a flushing of that organ that rids the system of more stuff than almost any other exercise and results in better health for runners than for non-runners. Ahmen. End of serman. You can take it from there but, you older couch potatoes, get off your butts and relearn to run for two to two and a half more years of healthier life. I did it starting at 80 years of age and so can you even starting at 90.

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  1. Very interesting, Dad. Has any real research been done on this theory... it just seems to be common sense, the blood has to circulate or it becomes stagnant and starts growing the cancer cells... so if you keep moving they dont have a chance to bond together and grow??