Friday, December 25, 2009

Formula for Dissster or How to Get Rich Quick

The word was out. Don't let cash lie around in a bank. Get it out where it can do some good. Bank Loan Officer, get loans out to be successful in your job. Don't pay any attention to servicing loans. Get the money out and we will buy the loan on the same day you make it and we will service the loan. Don't be left holding the bag while other lenders are making hay while the sun shines. PLEASE NOTE: The managers of a group or groups who gave that information out should be in jail right now. What are we waiting for? You don't have to see the dead rat in the wall to know it's there. And your local bank loan officer who made the bad loans should be in the next cell to the perpetrator. Are we to believe there are no honest bankers who will come forward and admit the details of that scheme? It's so obvious, like they say, "If it had been a snake it would have bitten you". Of course, to play that harmless little game out there were others who sold thousands of loans in a package with the claim that package paid 14% interest so other bankers should buy that deal. Who can refuse 14% ? After paying the 14% for a year or two the package(s) fell under their own weight and those who had sold them ran off with the cash. Nice judao/Christian honesty? Let's face it, the human animal can be dishonest if the reason is great enough unless there are others looking over their shoulders. One problem is that the on lookers have to be honest. I wrote a blog about publishing the names and addresses of foul acting individuals for all to see and the book would be up dated yearly. Shame is a powerful deterrent. Who wants to be exposed as a crock for friends and neighbors to see? If your friendly local banker thought he or she would be exposed in print, would the crime have been committed in the first place? I doubt it. What do you think? What to do about it?

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