Monday, December 21, 2009

Peaceful Penetration

Do you recall, while in history class in high school or perhaps in grammar school the term, "Peaceful penetration?" I recall the expression used in the history of warfare when one power had concurred another and the looser, with normal human reproduction of the time and place would prevail eventually as a majority party and so have won the war. All religions excepting one have mellowed over the short span of recorded human history.Almost all of us can live with the thought that everyone should be able to live with religions other than their own. Everyone embracing a religion knows theirs is "the true" one and live up to a point by its teachings. Those teachings are called allegorical by most true believers. For example where a holy writing calls for parents to stone their children to death for some mentioned reason, most would interpret that to mean severe punishment and not death. That's an example from the Christian Bible.
How can non believers cope with a religion that has all the answers including principals of governing and permits no competition? Eventually, by "peacful penetration," it should prevail shouldn't it? What are the ways such a movement can be minimized? So this blog asks the question, what peaceful solutions are possible? That is a question that must be a major challenge of the future. I can propose one solution that is unacceptable, namely, join it.

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