Saturday, December 26, 2009

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

From experience we have learned that the Peace Corps works. On the other hand do we know the Armed Forces solve many problems? Grenada was a joke. Vietnam was a study in miscalculation. How does Iraq stack up? Well, by giving our wrong conception of our problem to the Armed Forces we were not trying to prevail by peacful means. Or were we? Can you visualize a group of top military officers sitting around a table and hearing, "We will give 'em a little taste of their not taking our advice by blasting their electrical systems, water supplies and bridges and they will be happy to take our advice from then on." And then the bombing started and before it was over in 43 days we had delivered about 90 thousand TONS of bombs on Iraq. Can you imagine what one ton of bombs in your back yard would do? Would it make a lot of friends? Bombs don't recognize mothers trying to protect their children and I stopped reading long enough to recall our four little ones being protected by their mother from a cool spring breeze. Bill Moyers, at the end of a TV show mentioned that he thought the most important book he had read in some time is, "Nemesis," by Chalmers Johnson. I agree and even though we may prefer "out of sight, out of mind,"
as a comforting philosophy, perhaps you are one who seeks the truth and,"Nemesis is for you. I wonder if any one of my friends sitting around the table with the military men mentioned above would agree on the indiscriminate bombing our tax money provided. Even a small part of the 90 thousand tons. What a way to win friends! Immagine the hatred not only in survivors in Iraq but others who might fear our force applied to them. I know there are times we must fight but first, try the Peace Corps.
I signed holiday cards this year with, Pax et Luv.

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