Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to Beat the Dishonest Members of Congress

Books by the zillions telling all about what's wrong with the past and present , A few mention that something should actually be done about problems. Politicians tell us they will correct problems but not HOW. So I have the nerve to tell all a secret. I know a way and here it is. First the major problem by the mood of the public is that a majority of our legislators appear to have been bought and paid for by for profit corporations who work for investors and not for our government. Here is a statement in the form of a PLEDGE I have created with a few words added at the ending. THE PATRIOT'S
PLEDGE,  IF ELECTED TO PUBLIC OFFICE NEITHER I NOR MY STAFF WILL HAVE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST OR A SEEMINGLY CONFLICT OF INTEREST WITH ANY FOR PROFIT CORPORATION OR THEIR REPRESENTATIVES WHEN A MAJORITY OF MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AGREE WITH THE PLEDGE. Think about that pledge and I will tell you the only way   it cannot be a success. We know the majority of members of Congress are dishonest and if a majority were honest they would separate the for profit corporations from the halls of Congress. We must surmise the dishonest members of Congress will adopt the PLEDGE to show their constituents they are honest. .How could the PLEDGE fail? Only if the voting public does not become aware of the presence of it. The Wall Streeters, The Unions, The Teapartiers, conservatives  and liberals all will favor the PLEDGE. Will you readers help spread it? I have asked our Vermont members of Congress and  President Obama and  Editors of the NYTimes and The New Yorker and many other progressive publications and so far no responses.Please help.

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