Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Patriot Pledge

Question:Do you think it possible to compose one sentence embracing the reasons for all ideologies to be concerned with the state of the union at this time? That includes ultra conservatives and left wing ideologues,Wall Street occupiers and Tea Party members and all in between including YOU? It embraces an idea whose time has come that is not only realistic but is absolutely mandatory to save our Republic. Nothing to sign, no monitory contribution but a quiet inner dedication to never vote for a candidate for office who does not agree with the following PATRIOT PLEDGE:
IF ELECTED TO POLITICAL OFFICE NEITHER I NOR MY STAFF WILL HAVE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST OR SEEMINGLY A CONFLICT OF INTEREST WITH ANY FOR PROFIT CORPORATION OR THEIR REPRESENTATIVES. If you are against that pledge you are among strange bed fellows such as Corporations who treat our Government like a private sacred cow to be milked at will and Lobbyists who do their dirty work. Let there be a tsunamis of voters embracing the Patriot Pledge and we will be on a course to clean house in Washington DC. If you are against the PLEDGE do me the favor of telling me why.

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