Monday, February 7, 2011

Service Clubs Before Rotary

Early on we had no service clubs in Town so when a professional organizer approached me about being part of an Exchange Club I was interested and became the first President. Soon afterward in an article in Time Magazine it was mentioned that my new club did not permit African Americans. I was outraged having not only a close friend of African extraction but enjoying every ethnic group in my veterinary practice. I resigned but thought the concept was worthy. Soon a Lion's Club came into Orange, roaring and I became a member. Now if there is anything I dislike more than going from neighbor to neighbor selling light bulbs for blind research I can't think what it may be. After hearing that our profit was over $2,000 the leadership decided that the fund raiser was so successful we would spend half the profit on a big club party. I found out about spending the cash after the fact of an Italian party with all the pasta and wine flowing like liquid light bulbs. I discovered my hawking of light bulbs paid for that event I resigned in disgust. Soon thereafter I was invited to join the Rotary Club of West Haven, Conn as filling the category of Animal Husbandry.(No, they didn't catch me at it). After 10 years or so we decided to form a new Rotary Club of Orange, Conn. and I was the second president of that new club. That was 1971 and after moving in retirement continued my affiliation with the Rotary Club of Brattleboro. My association with Rotary has been a resounding satisfaction and I recommend it to all.

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