Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Corporation Evollution

Do you ever wonder if you are,"fiddling" while Rome is burning? I do and about many issues that have long since come over the horizon. One concerns the warning President (General) Eisenhower warned about the Military-industrial complex. Another President, Abraham Lincoln gave a warning years before that when he said with the advent of the the corporation would be the end of the Republic. I have mentioned our military with a corporation supplying the caterers for feeding our military as well as for the military laundry and even M.Ps who used to do the work of protecting and keeping order in the fighting men and women. Now I recently read it is closer to 200,000 armed civilians doing the M.Ps work in the Iraq and Iran area. I may joke about the KP duties of pealing potatoes but this subject is too serious to joke about. I see evolution in the development of cars and communication and in medicine and in the numbers of Corporations. I have a question for an Answer Man about what is the predicted result of corporations in say 500 years? Will they continue to become fewer and larger? Will they take over the Military? will there be one giant grocery store chain? One giant hardware store all with branches all over the country? And with that power, in case of a strike will they hire the civilian army we now have to confront strikers? There would be no contest. I believe the overwhelming percent of our thinking public has to be somewhat concerned as I am and that is the reason for our President to be so popular in spite of insults fired regularly. There is no other bright light on the horizon and it seems to me that even with his charisma and intelligence and with his winning elections the corporations will prevail. I will take some video lectures to try to find answers to the above and report. If you know an expert with sound opinions I am all ears. Thank you.

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